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hjr partnership
hjr partnership

We Are Here To Develop Your Career - Full Confidentiality and Discretion ensured

As part of our commitment to you we ensure that we provide:

  • A personalised service offering career consultation (including advice on salary level, package & bonus scope, and market opportunities)
  • Exposure to the best opportunities in the market
  • CV tailoring ensuring you are “promoted” to your full
  • Guidance on interview techniques, key interview trends, and full briefing on the scope of the role
  • Offer management ensuring Employment Contracts are issued promptly with any issues resolved quickly
  • Continued updating throughout the life cycle of the recruitment process
  • Full confidentiality, discretion and professionalism at all times


At the core of our business is the “Partnership Approach” we take to develop your career to its maximum. With our Consultants market understanding and national contact base we ensure that we provide professional guidance and know-how when furthering your Career, providing potential employment opportunities that fit with your specific requirements, wants and career aspirations.

Unlike other Recruitment Consultancies we recognise that all candidates are individual’s with different skill sets, strengths, characteristics, aspirations and motivations for looking at new career opportunities. All our Lead Consultants have previous “hands on” experience of working in your industry and understand what you do on a day to day basis and the sectors that you work in.

Through our detailed approach we look to extract your key career experience and tailor your CV to “promote” your key strengths and experiences. We look to determine your key achievements, strengths and Career tombstones and will outline the full scope of each opportunity. This is why we have a 85% conversion ratio of CV submissions to Interview arrangement and 87% conversion ratio of interviews to offer.

As a company we are connected with the leading Blue Chip Property & Legal Companies, Property & Legal Consultancies, Developers and House Builders, Local Governments, and SME’s. We take a pro-active approach to our recruitment which ensures that we have “instructed involvement” with the best jobs in the market place.

HJR Partnership Recruitment